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Harrachov v Krkonoších

Harrachov v Krkonoších


Harrachov is one of the most important mountain resorts in the Giant Mountains, which are situated near the border with Poland at an altitude of cca 700m.  

It is possible to sit in a restaurant, cafe, pizzeria or cakeshop in the centre of Harrachov. There are a few small souvenir shops, mainly glass products from the local glassworks and you can buy souvenirs here.

There are a many ways to spend your free time: hiking, skiing, cycling, swimming, playing golf, minigolf, tennis, bowling, bobsleigh runs, a beer spa, a brewery, a cinema, a museum of glass, a museum of skis, glassworks.

Cross-country trails for langlaufers and some downhill trails have been adapted in Harrachov and nearby surroundings (Rýžoviště), in summer you can go hiking or cycling - with chairlift transport or bikes.

Transport: skibus, tourist train, bus and train.








Harrachov - winter                                                     Harrachov - summer









                                                        Harrach brewery Novosad
















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