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Where to find us

Cottage Labaika is situated in a pleasant wooded environment above the Anenské údolí, address Harrachov ev. no. 13.   

GPS: 50°46'32.365"N, 15°25'8.285"E

     After arriving in Harrachov, turn right after 30m, and then go straight ahead cca 500m and you will come to a t-shaped crossroad. Directly on the opposite side there is a wooded road which leads to the cottage Labaika (cca 350 steps).

      In summer it is possible to take the car directly to the cottage and park there. However, during winter the road is not maintained and therefore parking is ensured at the former School of forestry where there are 4 parking places marked with a logo of cottage Labaika all year long. Opposite the parking exit there is a wooded road which leads directly to the cottage (cca 350 steps). You can find sledges or bobsleighs in the cottage if you need help transporting luggage.